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December 8, 2010 / farrelledwards

I’m the real Farrell!

There’s a great moment in Toy Story 2 where the 2 Buzz Lightyear’s are arguing about who is the real Buzz.  As a 4 year old, Dallen latched on to that, running around the house and yelling, “I’m the real Buzz.  No, I’m the real Buzz!”

I feel like that now.  I want to run around yelling, “I’m the real Farrell!”

Why?  Well, my Dad’s name is William Farrell Edwards, but has always gone by his middle name Farrell.   (Well, there was that 2 weeks when he was a teenager and insisted on being called Bill, but I digress.)   Mom and Dad named my brother, their first child, Boyd Farrell Edwards.  That’s cool because he’s the oldest and all.  But unlike my dad, he goes by his first name Boyd.

I am the 8th of 10 kids in my family so by the time I came along, my parents had been bearing and naming children for around 16 years.  They started letting the older kids nominate and choose (by vote) the name of the younger kids.  My older siblings decided that our family should have someone they actually called Farrell, so they named me Farrell Pratt Edwards.  I’m called Farrell.

Oh, but I guess that isn’t entirely true.  Growing up, the family called me “Little Farrell”.  It did simplify things so Dad and I always knew whom was being addressed.  There are other pitfalls to having the same name.  One time I was driving way up in the middle of nowhere (Idaho).  I was speeding and got pulled over.  Instead of getting a ticket, the police officer confiscated my drivers license, informing me it was suspended and threatened to impound my car and put me in jail.  This was the first I’d hear of this and I was confused.  🙂  It turns out my brother had been in an accident in my Dad’s car and it ended up on my record!

So here we are now, Dad & I are both grown adults with careers, families, cars, ghetto blasters and email addresses.  The names are the same, so the email addresses are very similar.  He’s generally and I am    We are now starting to communicate with the same people in a professional capacity.  So when I sign “Farrell” at the bottom of the email, it can be a bit confusing to the recipient.  How do I clearly indicate that the email is from me and not my dad?

Do I sign “Farrell the Younger?”  How about “Farrell, the other?”  “Farrell Jr.?”  I’ve even considered “Little Farrell” but that doesn’t work because my dad is 5′ 6″ while I am 5′ 10″.  I could always find a way to refer to “Dad” in every email I send.  None of this is particularly clean.

And when it comes down to it, I don’t want to change my name just so people know I’m not my dad.  My name is Farrell and I like it.   I don’t want to sign it differently!





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  1. Rick / Dec 9 2010 7:26 am

    You can be Farrell if you want, it’s your blog.

  2. David / Dec 9 2010 9:00 am

    Way to hold your ground!

  3. Marianne / Dec 10 2010 6:55 am

    Ah, I see the difficulty. How ’bout “Farrell P” which looks like a sideways mouth with it’s tongue sticking out. A big ppfffftttt to all the people who get you confused with your Dad.

  4. farrelledwards / Dec 10 2010 7:24 am

    The best will be when people start to confuse Dad with me. 🙂

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